Saturday, 24 April 2010

First Review - "Poutine" from Brandon University Cafeteria

I thought it was time to do the first poutine review for Youtine on this fine summery afternoon, as I haven't had a poutine in well over a month now. Well not only that, but my girlfriend was trying to finish off the balance on her university meal card, and we were about to help her move out into her new place, so it was best to eat something filling like a poutine before getting to work on a big moving job.

This poutine is from the cafeteria at Brandon University here in Brandon, Manitoba. A huge helping of "poutine", but you know what, it's not a poutine. This is what is wrong with poutine in this part of Canada, I've even said that in the initial blog entry the other day! This meal has cold crinkle cut fries, a really really thick room temperature gravy and a handful of shredded cheese. This is one awful combination.

Whenever I see melted shredded cheese in a "poutine", it reminds me of worms in mud, well it does look like it! It makes me want to gag. Also, I find one of the problems with shredded cheese in this is that it is way too stringy, and also it clumps and makes a big gooey mess. A perfect poutine is supposed to have curds that are only STARTING to melt, with that nice squeaky rubbery texture, and the stringiness from the cheese is kept to a minimum.

I was not impressed. This isn't a poutine. This is a prairie poutine, a mixture of frozen fries (deep fried), a generic thick gravy and shredded cheese. When will Manitoban eateries learn that it's not cool to use shredded cheese? Never? Once when an actual "poutinerie" arrives in Manitoba? Probably never.

On the upside, I won't need to eat again today!

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