Monday, 19 April 2010

Salutations and vive la poutine!

Why hello there! Welcome to Youtine (pronounced you-tin), a blog that discusses poutine, reviews poutine and all things poutine related! I'm Cody, an aficionado of poutine since 2008.

Youtine is a blogsite that's all about personal emotions towards poutine!

If you don't know what poutine is, it's a Qu├ębecois comfort food dish that consists of french fries, a gravy sauce and squeaky white cheese curds. Together, it makes a heavenly dish. Myself, I have only been a fan of poutine since 2008 as I'm one of the fussiest eaters in existence. I won't eat most food. One day while in Quebec City I got myself to try a poutine, and surprisingly really enjoyed it. So now I'm blogging about it!

From time to time I'll be reviewing poutine. Some of the main criteria I look for in a decent poutine is that first of all - fresh squeaky curds! If a poutine has shredded cheese, that's an automatic fail in my opinion. Then the fries, crinkle cut fries in a poutine is just too weird of an idea, and of course, la sauce (gravy).

If you have any comments, suggestions or criticism, let me know! Also don't be scared and discuss your love of poutine!

I want to see poutine become much more than just a niche menu item done poorly, like as I do here in Brandon, Manitoba. I want to see restaurants put special dedication into poutines, like as they are starting to do in places such as in Toronto (Smoke's Poutinerie and Poutini's). One day I hope to see people on the prairies as enthusiastic about a good poutine as I am!

Vive la Poutine!


  1. You know that I have only had poutine once! And that was with you, and it had shredded cheese, so it did not pass your muster at all.

    I will follow this blog, and get my poutine education.

  2. Next time I'm in town, this time for more than for a few minutes, we'll have to continue the search for "la meilleure poutine" (the best poutine).

  3. Hahaaa, love it!
    Phog Lounge in Windsor now has a "Phoutine" menu, I'll have to try a few more varieties and post a review.

  4. You are the Poutine King! I just came across your blog while trying to figure out which cheese restaurants use on top of the Poutine. If you discover different cheeses being used other than fresh white chedder curd, then let me know and I'll edit my blog accordingly.

    Nice blog!

  5. We're making cheese curds right now. Yes, really.

  6. @Ondrew: Thanks for the great words! I'll be checking out your blog!

    @Russ Gordon: I'd love to see pics!