Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The search for "la meilleure poutine" in Manitoba

After returning to the Keystone province (Manitoba) from a summer job working in Quebec City a few years ago, I discovered that poutine in Manitoba isn't what I was hoping for. Shredded cheese dominates poutine in Manitoba. What I find weird about this though is that many restaurants that serve poutine only keep the shredded cheese FOR the poutine. Pretty stupid if you ask me, they could easily replace it with curds. Manitoba is a very agricultural province as it is, we have an abundance of beef, pork, chicken, as well as some of the largest potato farms in Canada, oh and not to forget many cheese factories, including Bothwell Cheese and La Monastère des trappistes south of Holland.

I find myself to be a poutine purist, curds are an absolute must, so when I started looking around. Everyone suggested to just be happy with A&W, BK, KFC or New York Fries' poutines. Why should I? If I want something that tastes good, I should be able to demand for it. It's only right, it's the same thing for steak. You wouldn't want a salisbury steak when you expect a nice hunk of sirloin.

I asked around on a few forums. The best advice so far came from NewWinnipeg and Chow Hound (click on links for the discussions).

One of the purposes of this blog is for the search of the perfect poutine in Manitoba, as well as to get people interested in poutine. As a French Canadian, I identify it as one of the best things for not just French Canadian/Quebecois culture, but Canadian culture as a whole! Just like Ketchup Chips, hockey, tasty beer, and butter tarts (not to forget Nanaimo bars!)

I hope to eventually find the best poutine in Manitoba, and rave about it here on this blogsite. If you have any ideas of what's the best in Manitoba, let me know!

Vive la poutine!