Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Poutine on TV!: Steven and Chris; Bitchin' Kitchen

The CBC talk show Steven and Chris take a visit to Montréal to check out local poutinerie Resto La Banquise (starts at 37:19 into the video), and shows Canadians that not all poutines are only just la sauce, les frites and lots of curds, poutine can be creative too! Just watching the video wants me to get a one way plane ticket to Montréal just for poutine, maudite! I'll have it with bacon svp!
Check out the video here, and just to warn you: you may be drooling like I am! Link (37:19)

Also, Food Network tv show Bitchin' Kitchen has a recipe that's a different take on the Quebec comfort food, a sweet potato poutine, which is said to guarantee to help overcome a bad hangover! I can vouch for that, but I'll stick with regular fries!

Check out the recipe here! Link


  1. if you want THE BEST poutine in manitoba, you gotta check out the poutine served @ the only restaurant on main street in the small french community, just south of Morris, St. Jean Baptiste (Google Maps it!) . SERIOUSLY worth your time. that dude from Hot 103 (the bald dude...can't remember his name...) agrees that they kick ass. you get a huge helping and they have lots of different recipes to chose from.

    Bon appetite!

  2. Merci Marc! I'll be giving it a try! If it has curds, I'll be happy