Monday, 10 January 2011

Introducing New York Fries Poutinerie

This is news to me as I had no clue this even existed! New York Fries has (re)branded several of their popular french fry shops as poutineries, seeing as that poutine is finally taking off as a fast food commodity itself in the Great White North, with thanks to chains like Smokes.

Currently they (New York Fries Poutinerie) have a limited amount of locations - while they have locations in Winnipeg at places like Polo Park shopping centre NYF location, their Brandon, Manitoba Shoppers Mall location is still a regular New York Fries.

What's the difference? I haven't had a chance to check it out yet but it appears they are selling a premium brand of poutine, with poutines like:

• Braised Beef Poutine - Slow cooked Angus beef, carrots, onions and mushrooms in a red wine sauce over real Québec cheese curd and fresh cut fries.
• Butter Chicken Poutine -
Our own take on the classic poutine. Delicious, mildly spiced Butter Chicken served over real Québec cheese curd and fresh fries.
aaand of course, New York Fries classic poutine

It's obvious that New York Fries is finally trying to take back the poutine market throughout Canada, but perhaps this is too little too late as Smokes has quickly caught on in popularity in Ontario, and may eventually spread outside Ontario (and now, Quebec!)

It's great to see New York Fries try to get "serious" about their poutine as their staple poutine is mediocre at best, sure isn't what I'd call spectacular  - but, when you compare it to the poutines of Manitoba with shredded fries and crinkle cut fries, it's edible. Oh how I miss you Chez Ashton, la meilleure poutine!

Vive la poutine!

Links: New York Fries / Menu

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