Friday, 21 January 2011

Poutine Review - Lo Pub Poutine (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Poutine - Lo Pub, originally uploaded by Cody La Bière.

This is a quick review as I should have posted this several months ago but haven't. Sorry for the quality of the photo as I took it with my oldschool iPhone 3G.

I tried Lo Pub's poutine back in September. If you're not familiar with Lo Pub, it's a nice cozy pub at 330 Kennedy Street (at Ellice) inside Hi Hostel. Every time I go to Winnipeg, I stop for an imperial pint of Half Pints' Little Scrapper IPA. On this occasion I decided to try the poutine as I was hungry after a long day of job interviews.

Lo Pub has a Vegan/Vegetarian menu, while at one time they did serve stuff like really yummy chicken fingers. The pub uses real curds so I was looking forward to trying it out.

• The portion size is HUGE, I actually couldn't finish it.
• They use a vegetable based gravy and you can really tell about it, not too keen on it, but it's definitely better than alot of gravies I've had on poutine before.
• The curds are from Bothwell, has a nice squeak to it. However, I find Bothwell's white cheddar curds to generally be inconsistant as most of the curds are a bit too large for the average poutine (and ruins the fry to sauce to curd ratio), but I'm insanely happy to see a local cheese company selling curds to the market!
• The Fries - I love them, your usual homemade skin-on fries, very tasty.

Generally a decent poutine, bit too much portion size for me, but I can't complain about that as there are days that a large portion this big would be perfect! Things may have changed since I tried this poutine, but I doubt it. I'll have another one again soon as it is very hard to find a pub/restaurant in Manitoba that uses actual curds rather than shredded cheese - hooray!

Link: Lo Pub's Facebook Group

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