Thursday, 10 March 2011

Everyone Loves Poutine! - March 10

It's time for Everyone Loves Poutine! All about finding people from elsewhere's love for poutine!

The Wisconsin State Journal reports that la belle poutine has been part of a local tavern's menu for quite a while. So they gave it a try. Looking at the poutine in the article's photo. It disturbs me alot.. mixture of various shredded cheese: possibly, melted so it's oh so gooey: check. Poutine's not about gooeyness. For a state that's quite well known about their curds, this poutine needs more non-heated curds. (LINK)

Pulled Pork. Poutine. Absolutely delicious! The folks at The Record in Kitchener reports that the pulled pork poutine at the Albion Hotel lives up to expectations! My stomach just rumbled, so I'll believe the news - this time. (LINK)

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