Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Five Guys Burgers & Fries - Brandon, Manitoba

Five Guys in Brandon, MB, originally uploaded by Cody La Bière.
The purpose of this blog is for mainly one thing only.. Poutine. However, you may see me get side tracked and discuss restaurants that I feel should be adding poutine to their menu, or for some reason.. randomly discussing beer.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is one of the most popular burger & fries chains in the USA, and now they have several locations in Canada, including in my hometown of Brandon, Manitoba. Ever since they first opened, every single time I've raved how delicious their burgers and fries are. I stated yesterday that "chomping down on one of their burgers was an out of body experience." Seriously delicious. Well, anyways.. Five Guys is one of the few places that I really would love to see a poutine from. Why not? Their french fries are among some of the best fries in all of Manitoba. Do you know chip truck fries, freshly cooked, with the skin still on, heaven in a cup? That's exactly what you get with Five Guys' Fries.

Five Guys' corporate has stated time and time again that they have no plans on adding new items to their menu, BUT if they were to add poutine to their menu, it would be a hot item for their Canadian customers. Poutine is as stereotypically Canadian as hockey or butter tarts. Personally, a cajun poutine would be something incredibly unique, the mixture of the spices and the heavenly experience that's known as Five Guys, all rolled in one.

I really do hope Five Guys will one day add poutine to their Canadian menu, but I shouldn't hold my breath!



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