Sunday, 6 March 2011

Poutine in India, Indian-style poutine in Canada

BoingBoing reports that poutine is now making its way elsewhere around the globe, including India! The article's author reports that while visiting Mumbai, India he came across poutine on the menu. A photo of the menu is here (Link). Also, he discovered that a local Toronto eatery (The Burger Bar) is serving a Saag poutine, which consists of "paneer cheese simmered in spices, cream and spinach, served over fries." (Link) Interesting none-the-less. I'm quite interested in how the poutine is in Mumbai. It appears they are keeping it true to tradition: fries, gravy and curds.. but they also have addons of items such as cottage cheese, pineapple & corn or even sliced chicken Frankfurters.

Would you give any of that a try? Have you tried poutine far away from home? Let us know!

Links: BoingBoing / Flickr (Poutine in Mumbai) / Flickr (Saag Poutine)

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