Wednesday, 25 May 2011

What is your dream poutine?

Listen, all of us dream up the perfect food, whether it be snacks, meals or something silly. Sometimes the idea is good in theory, but in practice - just doesn't work. But, we all dream, right?

As for poutine, it's becoming more common that poutine is being matched up with crazy toppings. This isn't something new, recently invented by Smokes Poutinerie or anything. No, the idea of crazy poutine toppings has been around for quite a long time now. Just going to Chez Ashton in la Capitale Nationale region in Qu├ębec, you will notice that they have a few varieties of poutine. This includes galvaude (Chicken breast and peas), Dulton (Ground beef) and the Dulton avec Saucisses (Ground beef and sliced hot dogs).

Personally, I don't want any veggies or hot dogs on my poutine, that's how I am. But my idea of the perfect poutine topper? Slices of grilled Bison Sirloin Steak. A poutine topped with that would be so delicious, hell - regular grilled sirloin would be om nom nom worthy. Poutine isn't healthy as it is, but a Bison topped poutine in Manitoba would be oh so awesome, the ultimate Canadian dish hein?

So, what is your idea of a perfect poutine? Do you dream of a kobe beef topped poutine with truffle oil? A healthier poutine that's good for your heart? Or just the perfect mixture of fries, curds and sauce?


  1. I've had a poutine in small town in Northern Ontario where I'm from that is TO DIE FOR. It has spicy breaded chicken breast on it and crushed up Doritos. The combination of crunchy + mushy is fantastic and I'm not even a Dorito fan! I try making it at home all the time but it's never quite the same.

  2. The idea of spicy breaded chicken is quite intriguing, such an after-bar sort of idea, but the doritos idea scares me, alot!