Thursday, 1 March 2012

My Manitoban poutine wishlist

One of the reasons why I've been absent as of recently was that I've been dieting like crazy. In the last 6 months I've lost over 40 pounds (before / after). My poutine search has been put on hiatus for a bit, but I've been able to eat poutine once in a while. When I visit Winnipeg, my poutine search returns again. Here's a list of some of the restaurants I need to check out for their poutines in the near future:
  • Le Garage - Vive la fierté de Franco-Manitoba! This has been on my list since 2009. (DONE!)
  • Lovey's BBQ - I've heard good things about their poutine. Also the idea of pulled pork & poutine = ommmmmmlicious!
  • Peasant Cookery - I was recently recommended this by two of my friends. I never say no to poutine, unless if it has shredded cheese ;) (DONE!)
  • Half Moon Drive In - This isn't necessarily in Winnipeg, but a Flickr friend once recommended this eatery in Lockport, Manitoba, so it's obviously on my list!
  • Whatever new poutine Joe Beeverz has - Joe Beeverz in Brandon likes to do a crazy poutine each month. For a few months it was the Hangover Poutine which was topped with bacon and eggs. I've frequented this place quite a bit in the past, but always looking forward to their next poutine. Heck, they need a permanent poutine menu! Still rated as the best poutine I've had in Manitoba so far!
My list isn't longer as my stomach hates me now days, but I'll try each and every one of those restos soon enough! 

The folks at SavourWinnipeg did a 12 Try Before You Die list of poutines around Winnipeg, and I'll be checking them out, as should you!

Vive la poutine!

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