Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Review: Peasant Cookery, Winnipeg MB

One of the newest restaurants in the Exchange District of Winnipeg is Peasant Cookery. Oddly enough, Peasant Cookery is located right across the street from Smoke's Poutinerie so while I was waiting for my meal, I could see Smoke's face staring at me the entire time!

Peasant Cookery has quickly become a hotspot for omlicious food. I went in with a friend and we both ordered a burger, poutine and beer. Each meal came out to just over $25.

The poutine was a nice helping of fries, a light light gravy and melted curds.

Let's start off with the fries. I'm not sure what oil they were cooking them in, but it gave them a nice taste to them. They were perfectly crispy on the outside, as well as nice and fluffy on the inside.

The gravy was a light brown sauce, and I couldn't put my finger on it, but reminded me a bit of a bacon taste, in a good way! The gravy is a bit warm to the lips, and the warmth remained for hours after eating this poutine.

La fromage.. The curds were the only negative to it, as they melted the curds with the rest of the poutine, which made it go from a mountain of curds everywhere to a one big melted curd stuck to everything. That said, the cheese was delicious, bit salty and very very squeaky like fresh curds should be!

Honestly, this may be the best poutine I've had in Manitoba. Every single bite I took, I kept saying "OMG THIS IS SO GOOD!" and my friend agreed too! For $7.99, this poutine can't be beat at that price range.

I also had a burger ($8.99) which was a mixture of short rib, brisket and chuck meat, all combined into a patty I swear was at least half a pound. To top it all off, it came on a freshly baked brioche roll. The combination of the meat gave the burger a nice beefy goodness.

All in all, it was more than worth the price.. heck.. I'd pay $5 more per item as it was that good!

The atmosphere at Peasant Cookery has a bit of a chicness combined with a rural country farm house. I recommend this for a bite to eat if you are looking for a new place to check out in Winnipeg, for a business lunch or for a date.

I rate the poutine 4.5 curds out of 5. Honestly, I have never had a poutine that good in my life. The combination of amazing home cut fries cooked in an I-dont-know-what-that-is oil, great light sauce and fresh squeaky curds. Nothing wrong with a winning combination!

100-283 Bannatyne Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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