What is Poutine [dot] CO? It's a poutine blog/site started by yours truly that originated as discussion over "what is the best poutine in Manitoba?" Originally, I was planning on searching for la meilleure poutine in Manitoba.. but after several months of searching, I discovered that poutine here in Manitoba was mediocre at best. I call most Manitoban poutine a "prairie poutine" as it consists of a lower quality of fries - usually McCain frozen fries (crinkle cut), a very thick beef gravy that's been sitting at room temperature for hours and shredded mozzarella cheese.

After several months of complaining about it, my friend Russ at Go North to Detroit, South to Windsor wanted me to start blogging about it, so this is where I am today.

What's my goal of Poutine [dot] CO? Firstly, I am still doing a search for the best Manitoban poutine, but also, I'm hoping to also spread the word of how awesome poutine is.

I grew up in a farming community in Southern Manitoba, I knew what poutine was since I was an infant, but I never realized that a poutine was supposed to have curds until my first visit to Quebec. That's when I developed my love for poutine. Ever since then, I've been craving poutine on a regular basis. It's gotten easier and easier to make poutine here in Manitoba since I started my search as most grocery stores in my community now sell curds, but it's still quite the feat. One day I hope to see poutine in Manitoba to stop being treated like a slop of a joke.

vive la poutine! 

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